Monday, July 27, 2015

Main Bathroom Reveal!

We wanted to freshen up our bathroom which is the main one used the most in our house. A few weeks ago, I shared our design plan here.  We are so happy with the outcome! The best part is how fast, easy and relatively low cost this update was. 

Take a look at where we started.. (this was the listing photo from when we bought this house). We did add some decor to it when we moved in to make it look/ feel a little better, which you can see here.

After adding wainscoting, painting the walls, new vanity, faucet, toilet, mirror and light:

The handles on the vanity were brushed nickel which didn't really match with the chrome fixtures so I painted them Oil Rubbed Bronze and loved how they turned out. We'll see how the finish holds up, but they look great for now.

I also used a grout refresh paint and the grout looks like new. We went with a color which was a similar tan to the original so it really looks great. 

Side by side Before & After:

Source List:
Wall paint color above wainscoting: Benjamin Moore Moonshine (Flat)
Wainscoting paint color: Decorator's White (Semi Gloss)
Malibu 48" Vanity- Menards
Allen+Roth Industrial Mirror - Lowe's
Archie Four Light - Lowe's
Window curtains used as shower curtain - Home Goods
Kohler Memoirs Toilet - Lowe's
Kohler Elliston Sink Faucet


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cozy Bridal Shower

This past weekend, I helped throw a Bridal Shower for my best friend. The shower guest list was kept small to ensure an intimate and relaxed environment and I have to say, it was the best one I've been to yet! It was held at a restaurant and we were able to order off the normal Brunch menu with lots of yummy drinks. Usually bridal shower games are pretty lame but I still wanted to have something planned to give away a couple of prizes. Details of the games are at bottom of the post if you are interested!

I brought the baby succulent favors which I planted in little glass vases found at Hobby Lobby. The succulents are local from Eastern Market, a weekly Farmers Market held in Detroit.

We bought bunches of flowers from the grocery store and arranged them in tin vases (from Ikea). They turned out better than I expected!

The photo accordions were made from card stock and 3.5 x 5 photos (printed at Target). They were fun conversation pieces. 


I didn't realize the table would have backless stools so even though this little banner was made to go on the back of her chair, I actually liked this placement better because everyone could see it. And here is our beautiful bride to be:

Shower Games: 

I don't have a picture of the one I created but the first game we played was a version of 'Pass the Prize' but instead of passing around the actual prize, I created a little book to read the page and pass to the person it described. I couldn't find one that was exactly what I was looking for so I ended up combining a few different verses found online. If you'd like to use this game, you can download the PDF and set it to print 2 slides per page, then cut them out, hole punch and have fun! For a larger shower, you can print one book per table and maybe reduce the number of pages - customize it for your needs.

The other game we played was "How well doe the Bride know the Groom?". I had previously asked the Groom 25 questions and the Bride had to guess how he responded. For each incorrect answer, the Bride had to put 1 piece of bubblegum in her mouth. By the end, it was hilarious as she had quite a mouthful! I wanted to have a winner/prize for this one as well so before the game started, I had everyone write their name down and the number of questions they thought the Bride would get correct. We didn't have an exact match so I just went with the closest number. My plan for a tie breaker was the person with the birthday closest to the wedding date.

Now off to plan the Bachelorette Party!! ;-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Main Bathroom Update

We just finished the upstairs bathroom complete remodel and now the main bathroom which everyone uses, is looking not so great in comparison.  This is where we are at right now:

The biggest issue with this space is where the little table is to the right of the vanity. It's dead space where a longer vanity should have been.

While we are not completely gutting this bathroom, we still want to make some significant updates including
  • longer vanity
  • larger mirror
  • updated light
  • updated toilet
  • new shower curtain
  • add beadboard or board & batten and paint the walls 
This is the design board with most of our finalized choices.. just waiting for the vanity to arrive!

Source List:
Malibu 48" Vanity
Allen+Roth Industrial Mirror
Archie Four Light
AINA Linen Curtains as shower curtain
Kohler Memoirs Toilet
Jute Rug


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finished Classic Cottagey Bathroom

Cottage Classic Bathroom

 Hi there! After working on the upstairs master bathroom in our bungalow for many months, we are finally finished! The slanted ceiling was a pretty big obstacle to work around but with the layout changes and extra shower space, it is are hardly noticeable. And no one will be hitting their head on it anymore- huge plus!

Below are the pictures of the space we started with.. these are the listing photos:

We kept pretty much in line with the design board with a few last minute swap outs like the oval mirror which fit better in the space with the slanted ceiling, finalized paint color, and a little bit larger cabinet.

This is the finished space- we are so happy with the results! All the sources are at the bottom of the post.

Cottage Classic Bathroom

I think the wall planks adds some much needed character to this space and help to warm it up against all the tile.

Cottage Classic Bathroom

We splurged on a custom glass shower door and couldn't be more pleased!

Slanted ceiling, Taupe Subway Tile, Halfwall, Glass Door

This is a truer representation of the subway tile color without the glass glare/tint.

Taupe Subway Tile  -

and because everyone loves a Before & After picture...

Before & After, Cottage Rustic Classic Bathroom

Kohler Elliston Sink Faucet   Shower head    Towel Ring   Shower Hook
Kohler Memoir Pedestal Sink & Toilet
Sconces: Progress Lighting Antique Brass Sconce
Shower Tile: Allen+Roth Pearl Ceramic 4"x12" Taupe Tiles
Floor Tile: American Olean Ceramic Hexagon Floor Tiles
Wall & Ceiling Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Decorator's White
Wainscoting Planks Paint color: Benjamin Moore Nimbus @ 50% strength
Oval Mirror: Sterling Oval Mirror on Chain 36-Inch, Basilica Bronze
Log stool, towels, candle holder, jute rug: Home Goods


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bathroom Design Board

We are currently mid-way through renovating our upstairs bathroom and I thought I would share the progress and also the design board. We knew right away when we first saw this bathroom, that it would need to be gutted along with a new layout. This bathroom is upstairs in our bungalow which is supposed to be the master suite but there is certainly nothing masterly about this bathroom!

Let's take a look at where we started.. while this bathroom is by no means large, the slanted ceilings really make it feel smaller than it is, especially with the current layout of the sink & toilet. Very easy to bonk your head on that slanted ceiling. The previous owners also built this crazy flip out built in in the middle of the wall. I think they were trying to add storage but it is just very odd so we will not be keeping that. The shelves can actually be accessed from the hallway so we will build a little door there to allow for the extra storage.

We have never even turned on this shower.. it is small, rickety & gross. 

PSA: Whenever photographing your bathroom, always, always put the toilet down! This was the listing photo - don't do this!

The new layout includes bumping out the wall the toilet is on by 3ft and moving the shower to that new space. We are also changing the sink from the corner to the centered on the non slanted wall and rotating the toilet. 

We added the concrete shower base and just got done adding the cement board and drywall. We are still taping/mudding/sanding but at least we are making progress. This is a quick video I took of the space in its current rough state.

For the design elements, I wanted to keep it classic but also fresh and updated. We are going to add beadboard around the entire room and paint it along with the walls Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cloud. It's a lovely soft gray/taupe color that goes really nicely with the tile we picked for the shower. 

We are mixing the finishes to create some character - brass sconces, chrome faucet/shower. We have some extra floor space for a small cabinet so a nice wood tone will help to warm up the space. There will be a rug as well but I haven't quite decided on that yet. Maybe a vintage kilim to bring some extra color into the space.

Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cloud wall color
Kohler Elliston Sink Faucet & Shower head
Kohler Memoir Pedestal Sink & Toilet
Restoration Hardware Black Weathered Oak Medicine Cabinet
Progress Lighting Antique Brass Sconce
Overstock Wood Country Style Cabinet
Allen+Roth Pearl Ceramic 4"x12" Taupe Tiles
American Olean Ceramic Hexagon Floor Tiles

We still have a ways to go but I hope to keep our momentum going to get this finished up soon!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bedroom Update

I had shared the design board for our bedroom refresh here and we ended up sticking pretty close to it. I finally got around to taking some pictures so this is where we are at:

Stanley Bed from Overstock   //  RH Heirloom Quilt in Fog // Vintage Paintings & Mirror

We've had the Ikea Rast dressers for a while now and they've gone through a couple transformations. It's a decent little dresser, solid wood and at a great price. Here's the raw version:

RAST 3 drawer chest IKEA 

Then I saw this Ikea Hack and followed her instructions to do the same. This is my version in our old house:

I knew I wanted something a little different for our new bedroom and when I saw this DIY, I knew it was just was I was looking for. I added some trim around each drawer front, added a new larger solid wood top and then painted it all. I used Americana Decor chalk paint in Primitive from the Home Depot. They only had the small pots and I used about 1.5 of the small pots for 2 nightstands.

Target Threshold Lamp //  Ikea Throw Pillow Cover // World Market Jute Rug

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. It's a very clean, classic, calm color - I love it!

LOVE Print // Vintage Painting // Detroit Watercolor Print from Local Art fair // Pier 1 Candle stands // Homegoods Driftwood ball


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Special Pancakes

I'm not so great at making pancakes. Pouring even amounts, then browning perfectly before flipping, is somehow always harder than it sounds. Plus, if serving a crowd- only a few are ready at a time so either people are eating in shifts or you need to keep the cooked pancakes warm. The recipe below solves all of those issues by making one large 'pancake' and cooking it in the oven.

Thanks to Ms. Pat for this recipe, she made it for us all the time as kids and it's so great, that I continue to make today. 

The ingredients are simple, you most likely already have them on hand, and can be easily multiplied and cooked in a larger pan to serve more people.

 I usually use my hand mixer with the whisk attachment to blend all of the ingredients. Don't worry if the butter is not evenly mixed, you just want it in small pieces. 

As soon as it comes out of the oven, it is puffy and then will start to deflate. Fun for kids (of any age) to watch. It tastes more similar to a crepe than a traditional pancake and really works well with an array of toppings.

 Hope you try it out & enjoy as much as we do!