Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Progress: Exterior Painting

When we bought our house, we knew the exterior would have to be painted. The baby blue aluminum siding was faded and chalky. It also matched the roof color too closely so it all blended together. After we got the new windows installed, you couldn't even notice that there was new windows and new trim since the contrast was so low. 

Here is the listing photo:

Before we could paint the siding, the landscaping had to be cleaned up. I ripped out those scraggly bushes and that tall tree on the left (which was also making the house look smaller). 

I painted about 5 different sample colors and it took me forever to pick one. I couldn't decide to go with a light gray, taupe, or darker blue/charcoal.

I decided to go bold and pick the darkest color I sampled, Sherwin Williams "Web Gray". It's a nice charcoal color with a hint of blue.  We used SW paint on our last house (A-100) and liked the quality so we went with it again. SW was having a 30% off sale so we got it for a pretty good price. 

The darker color requires two coats and we are painting it with a brush and a small foam roller (instead of a sprayer) so it is taking longer than expected to finish.

We still have a lot to do:

-finish painting the siding
-paint the trim to match the new window trim
-keep/repair or cover up the scallops
-update the porch/railings
-add in plants, mulch, general landscaping
-paint and fix the trim on the garage
-we wanted to replace the front door with a nice warm wood tone one but our door is a custom size ($$$) so I'm trying to think of a way to update it (paint, change out the glass?)

I'm anxious just looking at that To-Do list! But with time, we'll check them off one by one. 

We did finish painting the front of the house so it wasn't two toned for long. Didn't want the neighbors to think we were crazy!

p.s. Can you find Maddy peeking out to say hello?



  1. Hi Amanda,
    First off...beautiful home!!!
    I wondered if your house was aluminum siding and if so did u use any kind of primer before u actually painted it?

    1. Thanks Patty! We power washed and cleaned before starting and then used the recommended paint from Sherwin Williams which I believe had a built in primer. It took 2 coats but covered well! We rolled this one on but have also used a sprayer with positive results and a LOT less time. I would recommend spraying if possible!
      Thanks for stopping by!- Amanda

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