Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our First House: Basement Before & After

One of the reasons we considered not buying our first house was due to the crazy basement. I'm so upset I didn't get a proper before showing the red and orange shag carpet on the WALLS. It was insane. The rest of the room was covered in dark brown paneling, missing ceiling tiles and hardly any light.

This photo was taken as the carpet was coming down off the upper walls and we were starting to paint the paneling, it gives you an idea just how nasty it was.

We added new carpet, just a remnant from Lowe's that we cut to size once we got home. Painted and fixed the ceiling tiles. Added some pot lights. There was also nasty carpet on the stairs, so we pulled that up, cleaned the stairs and painted them.

This space is so much brighter & comfortable!

I dont have a before picture of the laundry room but it was more of that dark brown paneling and a falling down shelf. While we had the paint sprayer used on the exterior, we also painted all the walls and the ceiling white. The sprayer made this job much easier.

The table is made of an inexpensive interior door ($17) and some scrap wood. After a coat of paint, it makes the perfect table for folding clothes or crafting.

This concludes the tour of first home.. Can't wait to show you around our current home!



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  2. What color is the blue on the walls? What paint color?

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