Monday, August 12, 2013

Our First House: Dining Room and Kitchen Before & After

To continue on the tour around our first house, let's move into the Dining Room & Kitchen. I don't have a before of the Dining Room but it was basically more of the dark brown trim with wood paneling as wainscoting. You can see the brown paneling in the Dining Room is next to the Kitchen (on the right.)

This was the day we moved in:

Yikes - Brown overload! The faux brick backsplash was mortared in so removing would have been a mess.We thought replacing the handles & hinges would help improve the look.. but it just wasn't enough.

This was our first time painting anything other than walls or trim and we were very happy with hour they turned out. Here I used Dutch Boy Enamel Paint for Cabinets and it has a very durable finish that held up well. 

painted white cabinets, picture frame molding, farmhouse table, modern chairs. Visit for the Before & After!

The new cabinet color really toned down the offensiveness of the counters so in an effort to work with what we have, we kept the counters the same. Since we had to buy a fridge when we moved in, we went with a stainless finish and over the few years that we lived there, purchased the matching range & dishwasher.

white brick backsplash, white cabinets, stainless appliances. Visit for the Before & After!

We replaced the pendants above the sink with a simple white glass cover and a new faucet that had a little more character to it.

The other side of the kitchen has this wine glass cabinet/desk/microwave cubby. While it was impractical to have a chair at the desk, it was nice to have some extra counter space & perfect for the beverage setup during a party. There was also already a cork board to the right of the wine glass cabinet. I was going to remove it but it was glued to the wall so I decided to paint it the same color as the wall and it worked out great. Didn't stand out too much and came in handy for putting up reminders.

Next to the kitchen is the Dining Room. We painted all the paneling and adding the picture frame molding. A great, inexpensive way to add character to any room!

Looks like the quick bathroom updates are next on this tour. Don't you love Before & After photos? I always love seeing the transformations!

**Paint colors:
Trim, Wainscoting & Cabinets: Ultra White Cabinet & Trim Paint - Dutch Boy
Walls: Notre Dame - Valspar


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