Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outdoor Patio Furniture Options

In the backyard, branched over our house and the patio, is a large Mulberry tree. I didn't realize Mulberry trees produced fruit all summer long. I kept waiting for the berries to stop falling everywhere, but it has been a pain and basically impossible to keep that area clean. Since it was also ruining our neighbor's patio, we decided to have the tree removed. Removing the tree will also allow more grass to grow instead of muddy patches. With the threat of berry colored bird droppings reduced, I really wanted to spruce up our outdoor space to enjoy what is left of summer.

I have been on the lookout for some patio furniture that was at a decent price and looked nice. With summer coming to an end, there are some great deals out there. I wanted something that was classic and would last us at least a few years. We have a dining set so a comfy chair, benches, and/or sofa would work.

We were driving by Pier 1 and they had some of these outside with a SALE sign. I demanded asked David nicely to turn around so I could get a closer look. I wanted to have the seating arranged in an L-shape facing out towards the yard.

While I liked this set, we need 2 benches + 1 chair, 2 sidetables and cushions for all of it that added up very quickly. Even with some of the promos they have been running (10% off), it was more than I wanted to spend. 

Of course Ikea is always on my list when searching around for furniture so I looked online to see what they had. The only one I really liked was the ARHOLMA sofa and our local Ikea was out of stock. After reading some reviews, I couldn't convince myself that driving to the next closest Ikea (250 miles away) would be worth it.
I also checked Craigslist which had a couple of decent sets but for $600-$800 and in used condition, it just didn't feel like a great deal. 

So are you ready to see what I ended up buying?! 

I ran into Lowe's to pickup a small fire-pit and noticed they had some patio furniture left. I saw the bench first and at $98, was priced right. They also had the matching chair & end tables, and their cushions were all on major sale. It looks very similar to the Pier 1 set at almost 50% less! Thankfully, the Lowe's employees were nice enough to load all of this (2 benches, 1 chair, 2 end tables) into my vehicle plus the fire-pit.
To provide some extra lighting, I picked up a few strands of these round globe lights from Target.

I can't wait to put it all together and show you the finished space!


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