Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Loving: String Lights

After some super annoying delays, the Mulberry tree is finally removed from our backyard! Now that I bought some new outdoor furniture, it was time for rearranging. Our back patio is just a small concrete pad so we are hoping next year to extend it and cover it with either pavers or wood planks like we did at our first house front porch

I hung up these string lights, stretching them from the trellis to a hook that is next to the door.  This was not an easy one person job but I was too excited and couldn't wait for Dave to get home. I used 3 strands here.

I'm really happy with the ambient lighting they provide when its dark out. Summer is still in full force here in Michigan so we will be able to enjoy this space at least for a few more weeks and even later if we light the fire-pit!

Any end of summer outdoor projects you are working on??


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