Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Progress: Exterior

Well I'd like to say the outside of our house is 100% painted but we are just not there yet. Check out our initial progress here. Still a couple more sides that need second coats but what is really bothering me right now is the front landscaping or lack thereof. I think we are the trashy house on the street! Yikes.

There has been a few changes since this picture was taken. We have painted the garage and fixed the trim on it. I will share close-ups of that process soon. We also removed the short railing around the porch. A lot of houses in our neighborhood have this height of porch with no railings and I just think this one is an eye sore. I also painted the front door a tan color and we've started to paint the bottom foundation a light beige to blend in better than the white. Also, we are in the process of  making shutters for the window on the left and will share details later. 

I'm trying to come up with ideas to add some character & curb appeal to this house and its tough to do without spending mucho dinero. We are getting a few yards of dirt & mulch delivered and will add some plants but I've also been thinking about adding a pergola or trellis above the front door. It would have two posts on the front corners of the porch that should make the house feel more dimensional instead of flat. Here are some inspirations I gathered to find my favorite details and convince the hubs it's a good idea. 



Nine Red Blog

So, what do you think? Should we try out the pergola idea? Maybe we will get the mulch and plants in, then decide. I just feel like our front porch is floating so I'm hoping some bushes will help ground that.

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