Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Loving: Fiddle Leaf Fig & House Plants

If there is one indoor plant that is considered popular and trendy, it would definitely be the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The scientific name is Ficus Lyrata. They can grow to be really tall and are a focal point in any room.

Marion House Book
 This one is huuuge, I can only imagine this being in my house!

Peter Dunham
Elle Decor
I had heard IKEA was selling these Fiddle Leaf Fig trees so after checking their inventory online for a couple weeks, they finally got some in stock at my local store. I've read these are finicky plants to care for but figured for $12.99, it was worth a shot! The ones IKEA sell are smaller, more plant like, but they do grow fairly quickly. The one I bought at Ikea had two stalks like this one.

It also looks like Home Depot carries them now.

I've had mine for about 6 months and haven't killed it yet so I thought I'd try separating it to give each more room and encourage new growth.

My fiddle leaf fig plants seem to like the indirect light next to the windows and I water them once a week. I also turn them every couple days to avoid them growing towards the sunlight. 

Here is my other one that is in the large window:

Another favorite house plant, and some may argue more popular than the Fiddle Leaf, is the Succulent.  They are readily available at any garden center, come in many different colors and are so easy to take care of. Just put them in a sunny window, give a small amount of water every two weeks or so and they will thrive!

I also have a spider plant and a little maidenhair fern that I just picked up. I think every room needs some greenery to add some natural color, texture and to bring the room to life! 

Do you have a favorite house plant??

Update: 8/5/2015:
Wooot, Look at how much these have grown!! The one in the first picture has clearly grown faster but the other has still grown a lot! Looking at these pictures.. I need some bigger pots and will have to put the white one on the floor soon!


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