Friday, November 1, 2013

New Watercolor Art

I have a hard time choosing art for our home. I just can't commit to one style that I like especially when art can be very expensive. My strategy lately with art (and home decor in general) is if I like it, buy it, then worry about where it will go later. My latest art purchase is a good example of this. I've been a reader of Sarah Swanson Design's blog, Flourish Design + Style, for a little while now and have always liked her $10 watercolor paintings so I decided to pull the trigger and order a few. 

I really liked the simple thin frames that Monica from The Doctor's Closet used with the set she purchased, her frames are custom though.

The Doctor's Closet
I ordered the same Set of Four paintings. I love/hate that these are custom and I had to choose the color.. I'm so indecisive! I went with #12 (taupe, gray, green ish) and I really like it. I think the ones above in the gold frames are black.

I found these 11x14 frames that are thin and also come with an 8x10 mat for a really inexpensive price. They fit perfectly with these paintings. I had originally planned on spray painting them gold but I'm happy with the black for now.

I have 3 of them in our front living room, next to my Fiddle Leaf Fig tree and put the 4th painting in our bathroom for now. I like the versatility of these pieces, they can be grouped together to create a larger impact or broken up to be used in a gallery wall or on their own.

Do you love a specific type of art? Or want to share a favorite inexpensive source?


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