Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pretty Packaged Treats

There's something about pretty packaging or gift wrapping that makes me so happy. It can be so easy to add a simple extra touch that really makes a difference (to me, anyways!).

My colleagues set up a treat exchange for the holidays and I thought individually packaging my treats would be an easy way to pass them out. 

I printed out a laurel wreath design with the name of my treat on it. I created it using Picmonkey, see the tutorial in this post.  After I printed them and cut out the hexagon shape, I used a hole punch so I could tie some gold ribbon around the bag with the tag. They are not cut perfectly but I'm pretty sure no one noticed :-)

All piled up in a bakers box, transporting and displaying made easy!

I picked up the celophane bags from Walmart, they actually have a lot of different packaging in the cake decorating section (near the craft supplies.) I love keeping these on hand and have found many ways to package items (tied at the top, folded over with a sticker, folded and tied like a present).

I made Walnut Chocolate Oatmeal bars using a recipe from  I have had this recipe for a few years, pre-Pinterest, so it was saved to PDF. I couldn't find the link today but here is a snapshot of it.

So easy and delicious, they keep well packaged this way and are wonderful with some coffee for an afternoon snack.



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