Friday, February 7, 2014

Bedroom Design Board

We have been in our current house for just over a year and have lived with the peach colored walls and ceiling in our bedroom long enough! We are still working on the stairway project but I really would like to at least get this room painted soon. I prefer calm bedrooms - it doesn't need to be all white but soothing, muted tones and a limited number of patterns helps to keep the room feeling relaxed.
Here's the picture of the room from the real estate listing. Our home has two bedrooms on the main floor and the upstairs is the 'master suite' with a bathroom & double closets. Upstairs needs a lot of work and a lot of carpet removed before we actually want to sleep up there.

This picture makes the room look so tiny, some of the worst real estate photos I've ever seen!
We have two dressers that were passed down to us from family so we'll be keeping those - nice quality dressers are EXPENSIVE, just a ton of $, so even though the style/finish might not be my favorite - we'll be working with what we have. 
Here is what I have in mind for this room. I have most of this already, just need to pick a paint color and find the time to make it happen!

For the paint color, I'd like to find a super muted gray-green. This one is pretty close - Restoration Hardware - Eucalyptus.
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