Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Market Find: Succulent Wreath


Detroit hosts an indoor/outdoor market every Saturday downtown at Eastern Market. They feature locally grown fruits, veggies, plants & flowers. This past weekend we headed down with some out of town friends and I came back with some favorite finds. 

There were a couple vendors selling succulents- small ones, large ones, every color and shape you could think of. The prices are a little lower than Home Depot/Lowe's and they definitely had more of a selection to choose from. 

As we were making our way through one of the last buildings, I saw these really unique wreaths made of succulents. I should have taken a picture of them all together but I forgot. While I'm not quite sure how long it will last, for $10 it was worth it to bring home and enjoy at least for a little while. It came with a hook for easy hanging.


I also spotted some air plants that I couldn't resist, one is a pretty large size and the other is a unique shaped little one.