Saturday, January 21, 2017

Farmhouse Fireplace Remodel

When we moved into our house, we were so happy to have our first fireplace and a real wood burning one at that! However, we knew that the design of the mantle and surround would need updating at some point and since we figured we'll be at home a little more in the coming months with Baby Rapp, now was a good time to get one last project in before he arrives!

Here is what we started with.. extra wide wood mantle & black marble surround which had some cracks in it and wasn't fitting in with our style.

We starting by removing all of the wood surround and I was planning on painting the brass frame & doors but after the insert was off, we just couldn't bring ourselves to put it back on! Looks so much better without it

The black stone was attached very strongly to the walls and was solid enough that we decided to keep it to use as the base and build from there. Once I saw this fireplace I knew it was exactly what I wanted and David did a great job using it as a starting point for our version aka copying exactly ;-)

You can see the new width is smaller than the original but we added height for the TV to be mounted so it's a lot more proportional to the room.

After the woodwork and shiplap was installed and painted, still bricking left to do:

And the completed AFTER shot- we couldn't be happier with it! So thankful for my handy hubby, really I just showed him an image and he made it come to life perfectly! The brick is the same that we used in our laundry room update which I will be sharing soon. Love that it adds some warmth to the space.

Here's a Before & After side by side which are really the most satisfying thing ever :-)

Not many sources to share but we are in love with these brick tiles from Menard's. Fireplace paint color is Benjamin Moore Ben Flat paint in White. Wall color is Benjamin Moore Sheep's Wool. 



  1. Wow! Such an improvement. Your hubby did a spectacular job and love what you chose to do with it. Can't wait to see the other rooms. :)

  2. Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! :) have a nice day


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