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Hi. I'm Amanda and I'm thrilled you stopped by! Feel free to email me anytime, amanda@amandarappdesign.com.

I started this blog August 2013 to share home projects, design ideas, fashion, travel, and anything else that I'm loving on at the moment. Speaking of love, here is my little family:

That's my husband- David & our Goldendoodle- Maddy. She's almost 4 but will forever be a puppy to us.

We bought our first house fresh out of college and started to learn all the fun responsibilities that come along with home ownership. We figured out pretty quick that DIY was the way for us but also that we had no clue what we were doing, ha! We quickly became best friends with YouTube & the internet to teach us some basic and not so basic skills. While we didn't intend for our first house to be a fixer upper, we saw the potential and got to work updating. We always try to work with what we have while updating and making the space more stylish. Take a peek at our First House Tour for some Before & Afters. 

After a move to a new city, closer to Metro Detroit, we are in our second house. This time we hunted for the perfect home to live in while renovating top to bottom and got lucky finding this one! We do our best to find affordable & stylish options to create a space that is classic and updated.

I have found the need to mix up the projects I'm working on so I don't get bored- keeps things interesting, even if drives David nuts! Besides home design & improvement projects, my other passions include crafting, gardening, cooking, traveling, and entertaining. We recently picked up jogging/running and I have to say, I like it more than I thought I would. 

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you'll stay awhile!


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